Property Insurance

Property Insurance includes compulsory insurance, such as mandatory Fire Insurance, and optional insurance such as insurance against damage caused by water damage, storms and break-ins.

Property Fire Insurance (Brunatrygging húseigna)

Fire Insurance is mandatory and compensates for damage to property caused by fire.

Property Insurance (Fasteignatrygging)

Property Insurance compensates for damage to the property itself, such as its flooring, doors and fixtures. Property Insurance covers water damage, break-ins, broken windows, wind and storm damage, damage caused by sudden downpours, melt-water, cracks due to frost, heavy snowfall, removal and rental assistance compensation if it's necessary to vacate the property due to covered damage, breakage and collapse, soot damage, breakage of permanent bathroom fixtures and homeowner liability and legal cost insurance.


To apply for Propery Insurance or receive more information, please contact a TM service representative at +354 515 2000 or send an email to The TM office is located at Síðumúli 24, Reykjavík, and is open mondays to thursdays 9.00am-4.00pm and fridays 9.00am-3.00pm.