Savings Life Insurance

TM Savings Life Insurance is a form of regular savings as well as life insurance. It’s a good way to put aside and grow your money, as well as a practical option for people who don’t pass risk assessment for traditional life insurance policies.

Individuals with citizenship within the EEA can apply for TM Savings Life Insurance. At the beginning, you choose the investment option that suits you best and decide on the monthly premium, as well as the time period you want to save for: from ten all the way up to 30 years. It’s possible to change monthly payments once the underwriting period is over, and to change investment options or switch between them anytime during the insurance policy period. You can ask for your savings to be paid out anytime during the policy period.

It’s possible to choose between investment options with varying degrees of risk and targeting various needs. The investment options are linked to the value of selected stocks and investment funds at Kvika eignastýring.

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