Our vision

TM's vision to the future

TM is an Icelandic insurance company that insures domestic and international risks. TM is a leading insurer and a strong institutional investor. TM's financial position is solid and has a good credit rating from an international rating company, in addition to being widely trusted in its community. TM takes advantage of the opportunities that arise in its internal and external operational environment.

TM is a well run business that provides good returns to its shareholders. Product development is focused and aims at identifying and pricing risks profitably. TM uses its superior information technology and effective processes to lead the way in evaluating and pricing risks.

TM's service is outstanding and TM is known for promptly getting its clients' lives back on track after insured incidents. TM meets its clients needs with tailored solutions and offers paramount counseling and professionalism in insurance sales.

TM seeks to actively improve its legal and operational environment and accepts its responsibility in social development. TM is one of the most sought after workplaces in Iceland, where employees have a great opportunity to develop their carreer through challenging work and TM's continuous training and education programs.

TM's strengths

  • Over 50 years of operations have given us expertise and know-how
  • TM offers a wide range of insurance products and financial services
  • High level of customer satisfaction and brand awareness
  • Strong and healthy balance sheet
  • Short communication channels