Useful information

What to do in the event of a mishap?

Report the damage as quickly as possible by calling 515-2000. The emergency out of office hours number is: 800-6700.

TM representatives are always willing to assist you with the next step. The TM office is located at Síðumúli 24, Reykjavík, and is open weekdays 8.30am-4.30pm. TM Insurance has offices and branches all over the country.

Car seats

Parents are legally obliged to ensure that children in the car are always seated in a child car seat or cushion with the seat belt fastened. TM and Fifa offer a discount of 20% off all children car seats.

Amount insured and own risk excess. ("Vátryggingarfjárhæð" and "eigin áhætta")

The maximum insurance amount determines the maximum compensation paid in the event of damage or an accident. If the insurance carries an own risk excess, this is subtracted from the payout. Own risk excess is either discretionary or fixed and varies between types of insurance. Information about insurance amounts and excess is contained in the respective insurance terms or insurance certificate.