TM code of ethics

The TM code of ethics are guidelines for company employees internally and for employee communications with TM customers, suppliers and other entities. The rules apply to the company’s Board of Directors, its agents, contractors and other partners who work or operate under the name of TM. 


  • The code of ethics is intended to support the employees of TM and parties that work or operate under the name of TM in the event of any ethical questions that need to be answered. 

When we work for TM

  • We undertake our work with integrity and comply with the laws, rules and guidelines that apply to the company’s operations. 
  • We respect confidentiality provisions in employment contracts and work according to the rules of TM as regards personal information.
  • We provide those who seek our assistance with quality consultancy services and services that take into account the information on the circumstances of each individual.
  • We keep in mind at all times the importance of maintaining the reputation of the company, irrespective of who we are interacting with and whether such interaction takes place during working hours or during free time.
  • We are guided by the values of TM: honesty, fairness, simplicity and innovation in our work.
  • We obtain the education and training necessary to ensure that we can properly carry out our work and thus develop and maintain professional knowledge, including as regard the goods and services of the company. 

Conflicts of interest

  • We do not personally negotiate with persons with whom we have family or personal ties but refer their affairs to an immediate superior or other appropriate party within TM. This applies irrespective of whether TM is the seller or buyer of goods or services.
  • We do not take advantage of our position as an employee of TM for personal gain or on behalf of persons who are connected with us through family or friendship ties.
  • We do not take advantage of information to which we have access in the execution of work on behalf of TM for personal gain.
  • We understand that assistance or gifts from customers and service providers can appear questionable and follow, therefore, the rules of the company in this respect.
  • We treat the property of the company with respect and do not use such property for personal gain except with the knowledge and approval of an immediate superior.


  • We show respect towards one another and honesty in communications and endeavour to have good and honest communications with all who seek our assistance and from whom we seek assistance in our work for TM.
  • We treat our competitors with respect and guarantee that all information issued by us relating to them is correct and not misleading.
  • We point out what can be improved in the operation of TM and submit proposals for improvements.
  • We point out what is well done in the operation of TM and take the time to celebrate when achieving our targets.
  • We engage in objective exchanges of opinion on the basis of equality but respect the decisions made by the management of the company and work accordingly, provided they are in accordance with the code of ethics of TM. 

Procedure in the adoption and presentation of the code of ethics

  • Employees are given a presentation of the company’s code of ethics at the beginning of employment and as needed. The code of ethics is always accessible on the internal and external website of the company.
  • The TM code of ethics is presented to the Board of Directors of TM, its agents, contractors and others who work for or operate under the name of TM and are a part of the contract between the parties.
  • TM management is responsible for the adoption and presentation of the company’s code of ethics and for ensuring that the code is followed in the operation of TM. 

Violations of the code of ethics

  • In the event that we become aware of violations of the TM code of ethics, we notify of such violation and ensure that such issues are addressed within the company by means of established procedures.
  • Employees who report mistakes or faults in the operation of TM or inform on the alleged violations of others do not suffer retribution for such action. They are informed of the results of the issue and enjoy anonymity if they so request and if possible.